Following the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School, one mother is saying that her five-year-old son was spared from the mass shooting due to his psychic abilities.

Karen Dryer claims that her five-year-old son Logan started kindergarten there in September. For the first two months, he was fine. Then, in November, two weeks before the shooting, his teacher reported that Logan would cry and request to go home. She later took him to a doctor to run tests, but everything came back normal. Even still, the doctor recommended that they take Logan out of school and home school him for a while. Dryer says that she and Logan would return to the school once a week to see his friends and teachers.

"Logan was perfectly normal wherever we were except at school," Karen said to Hollywood Life. "We couldn't even say the word 'school' in the house because he would get so upset."

Dryer says that her mother had psychic abilities and she has no doubt that her son has the same skills as well. She said that, when they took Logan to the open house earlier this week, "Logan was back to normal. He said he loved the new school, 'I love it, it looks like a college.' The teachers were amazed at what they saw because he used to be so scared of school. Now he was running around the school like he owned it. He danced for the teachers. He told me that Grandma was with him at the school and helping him play and that she was also helping me."

While the story is perhaps an uplifting one, Discovery News points out that it likely does not stand up to scientific scrutiny. Dryer may be attributing connections between things that do not actually exist, like saying that a rooster made the sun rise because the rooster crowed before dawn. In addition, Logan never specifically mentioned anything about guns or tragedy, which may have made Dryer's case stronger. Dryer may also be succumbing to the psychological phenomenon, confirmation bias, in which she notes the times that Logan's behavior may have served as a precursor to an event instead of the times when Logan may have had the same behavior and no event occurred. Of course, one can only hope that Dryer's story did not add to the pain of any of the victims' families, as many of their own children may not have wanted to go to school that morning.