There are a lot of things going around the DEA nowadays and it is the surge of a quasi pot being sold on the streets taking the place of marijuana. The DEA has to schedule emergency ban for fake pot which is now openly sold and considering its harmful effects, it does not have any medical advantages.

The American people are calling the attention of this agency to help guard their children from further damage the substance can do. This substance has a total of five chemicals named as JWH-018, JWH-200, CP-47,497, JWH-073, and cannabicyclohexanol. The manufacturers of the harmful substance mislead the buyers to think that it, being a fake pot, offers no harmful consequences towards its users.

There is a risk of inhaling or ingesting these unknown compounds that this so-called Schedule I substance have. Some say that it is an alternative for illegal drugs and is harmless. To schedule the emergency ban is very timely as the sale is not that rampant yet and something can be done to stop it. Time is of the element, thus the panic, as when it has come to a point where the streets are already saturated with it, there will be a lot of regret on the part of the authorities.

Synthetic materials coat the plant materials used in an attempt to copy THC, an active composite of marijuana. Products are available online, tobacco sections found at gas stations and where there are head shops. One can see the dangers that it could pose to its consumers as these substances have not yet passed FDA testing if it is fit for use by humans. The manufacturing process of the substance has not been laid down to the said agency as to how they are produced.

The kids and other adult consumers have to be kept informed regarding the maladies that this substance can offer so as to be warned. It is high time for government authorities to inform the would-be consumers if not to stop from continuously patronizing this Schedule I substance. It is imperative to rally behind the government agencies to impose and schedule the emergency ban for fake pot.

Reiterating what damage it can do to the body can do wonders for the said purpose. Authorities have to list down all the ailments that can be gotten and also describe how it actually looks as there are a lot of people who are not yet familiar with it; this may cause a stir on the others, who, are not really buyers but are just getting into trying a strange thing; how it looks and what it can do to them. You can say that a cat can be killed due to curiosity and so are human beings.

There has to be control on substances that have not yet been approved by the FDA. But to all these talks on control, these were advertised as incense and there has no age limit on buying these products. So, people will buy, including minors, as it is only said to be something that one can smoke; will the DEA apprehend somebody from buying incense that can be smoked? There is really a need to perform such ban and the drive against it has to be done with stricter measures. It would depend on the parents on the kind of strategy that they will have to utilize as these are already in the market.