Since the release of the blockbuster movie Inception, people have become more intrigued by the ability to manipulate their dream worlds to dream about something in particular, solve a problem, or end a recurring nightmare. Scientists have recently discovered lucid dreaming — being consciously aware within your dream — can be induced by the application of electric currents to the dreamer’s brain. However, to gain control of our dreams, we don’t need drugs, psychological profiles, or electric scalp stimulation, we can begin to access our conscious state while dreaming in a few simple steps explained in the “How To Lucid Dream” video by Daniella Urdinlaiz for Digg.

Although dream problem-solving does not have to be lucid, meaning you don’t have to be aware you’re in a dream to come to a potential solution, it can still be self-taught using some of the same methods.


Be sure to repeat the phrase “I will realize what I’m dreaming” or some similar mantra to focus your mind on getting lucid.


Fall asleep thinking about something in particular, your problem, or the nightmare that you want to end. You can do this by having a mental image and/or a mantra you repeat to yourself before bed. If it’s a more hands-on problem, Digg recommends trying to put the actual tools you need next to your bedside table.


Perform “reality checks” and ask yourself “am I dreaming?” When you’re awake, get into the habit of reading text, using a doorknob or light switch to help condition yourself for these reality checks when you’re dreaming. It’s best to do these reality checks every time something seems out of the ordinary. In lucid dreams, these things often don’t behave the way you would expect them to.


Before you completely get out of bed in the morning, spend a moment figuring out what you were dreaming about before you woke up. Distractions can chase away your dream-induced epiphanies.

Perhaps lucid dreaming can help us solve some of our most deep seeded issues and reveal more about ourselves than we know.

To view the complete video of "How To Lucid Dream," click here.