Scientists have created a mouth spray that can instantaneously intoxicate a person for a few seconds without the harmful effects of alcohol.

One spray from the “WAHH Quantum Sensations” device is a small lip-stick sized aerosol can is enough for “a few seconds of intoxication," according to its makers, French designer Philippe Starck and American scientist David Edwards.

One spray amounts to 0.075ml of alcohol, the minimum quantity of micro-particles, delivered via aerosol, needed to trick the brain into feeling drunk.

The boozy feeling only lasts a few seconds and subsides, leaving the user sober and able to carry on with their day.

Researchers said that it would like about a 1,000 sprays to equal the amount of alcohol in a typical drink, at about 40 to 60 ml.

Starck and Edwards, makers of the device, said that the spray can let people enjoy the drunk sensation without succumbing to the harmful physical and health effects of alcohol.

“The question is how to do good without doing harm. Wahh is an alternative that offers the idea of ​​intoxication without its adverse effects,” Starck said when he unveiled the spray in Paris on Wednesday, according to the Daily Mail.

The product will be marketed in Europe for 20 Euros ($26), and each spray is good for 21 alcoholic sprays.

Edwards, a professor of biomedical engineering at Harvard University, also developed a caffeine inhaler device called “AeroShot” that delivers powdery gusts of caffeine equivalent to a large cup of coffee.

The professor also incented another type of breathable chocolate aerosol device called “Le Whif,” which sells for about $2.50 to $5.