A British girl with scoliosis defied expectations when she fearlessly posed for the best modeling agencies in the UK after doctors told her she would be a “pretty girl with an ugly back” without invasive surgery. The 24-year-old, Ayesha Jones, made the most of her asymmetrical body by striking poses that would hide her curved spine to prove doctors wrong. However, Jones’s love for modeling changed to photography after a photographer at a modeling shoot sent her home without pay, all because of her back.

In an interview, Jones told News Dog Media: “I had traveled all the way from Birmingham to London on my own for a shoot and the photographer sent me home without paying me, all because he didn't like the look of my back. They liked the look of my photographs when you couldn't see my shoulder poking out, but when they saw me in person, they were unwilling to give me a chance. It broke my heart.” The young model soon realized her focus on looks and trying to fit into others’ definition of “attractive” was unhealthy.

The ex-model was diagnosed with scoliosis at age 13 when she was on vacation in Saint Kitts with her mother, who noticed her right shoulder blade was poking out more than the left from the back. Upon her return to the UK, doctors confirmed she would need a “spinal fusion” — an intensive surgery that requires putting a metal rod in the back. According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Suregeons, a spinal fusion is recommended for those who have a curve that is greater than 50 degrees to reduce the cosmetic deformity in the patient’s back and interference with lung function.

Going against doctor’s orders, Jones opted out of the invasive procedure because she was still growing and “the pain had not set in yet.” Scoliosis was only a cosmetic issue for the former model until she eventually decided to have the surgery at age 21. Jones's back had become painful.

Now, Jones is a full-time freelance visual artist after studying photography at the University of Central Lancashire, Preston. The ex-model-turned-photographer has worked with the Scoliosis Association (UK) and plans to put on an exhibition for international Scoliosis awareness month in June 2015.

“Scoliosis made me take the focus off my body and into myself. Once I accepted that I couldn't alter my body, I felt a lot happier in who I was. I hope I can help other scoliosis sufferers in some way,” Jones said.