A couple, Herbert and Catherine Schaible, had previously told a judge that they would never again allow themselves to choose religion over medicine when it concerned the health of their children. That was two years ago after their 2 year old child died in 2009 when 'prayer therapy' failed to cure him from an easily treatable illness.

Again, the couple is before a judge who eviscerated them in court for failing to adhere to their probation. The judge said that they had "grossly and disastrously" violated their probation when they watched their 7 month old son, Brandon, die last week.

The couple belongs to the First Century Gospel Church which promotes faith healing and the belief that medications should not be used. When their first son died, they were convicted of 'involuntary manslaughter' and sentenced to 10 years' probation where they had to seek medical attention for their other children.

"I am sorry for your loss. Deeply sorry," Judge Benjamin Lerner said to the couple. "But in all honesty, I am more sorry for the fact that this innocent little child will not be able to grow up to be what he wanted to be."

The child suffered from diarrhea and breathing problems for almost a week before he finally expired from his illness. His parents were well aware of his labored breathing and dehydration, but did nothing other than pray.

"When asked why you didn't call a doctor or seek a medical professional, you said, 'Because we believe God wants us to ask him for healing,' " Lerner said. "You did that once, and the consequences were tragic."

The judge called them a danger to the community and to their remaining seven children, who were taken into protective custody. The couple faces a 10 year jail sentence.