Everyone wants to know the secrets of centenarians, people living to be 100 years or older, and a new video from AsapSCIENCE delves into how we can live longer lives. According to the video, roughly 3.2 million people will live to be at least 100 by 2050. So how do you become part of this healthy group? For starters, you can stop with the Seamless. Research has shown that 65 year olds who cooked at home five times a week were 45 percent more likely to live an extra decade.

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While the benefits of a plant-based diet have been covered extensively, AsapSCIENCE explains that becoming a vegetarian lowers your risk of early death by 12 percent. If you really need to indulge in that weekly steak, then it’s best to lower your processed meat consumption. Regularly eating foods like sausage, bacon and cold cuts are linked to higher cancer and heart disease-related deaths.

If you’re the next Emma Stone, then you may live longer too. AsapSCIENCE reports that Oscar winners lived about four years longer than losers. Nobel Prize finalists live up to two years longer.

Where you live could determine how long you’ll be around for too. The 20 regions in the United States with the highest life expectancies have an average altitudes of about 5,967 feet above sea level. Japanese citizens live longer than Americans, and part of this could be due to their diets. One study found that those who drank at least five cups of green tea per day lowered their risk of dying from heart disease. People who ate an Omega-3-rich diet added about 2 years onto their life.

Exercise could add up to four years on your lifespan. The World Health Organization recommends getting 150 minutes each week. And those who live by the popular phrase, “Shopping is my cardio” may be onto something. One study in Taiwan found that people who shopped daily, even just window shopping or online browsing, lowered their chances of dying early by 23 to 28 percent.

Speaking of alternative forms of exercise, having sex can prolong your years too. Men who had sex only once a month were 45 percent likelier to die of heart disease than those who got frisky two to three times a week.

Of course, all that activity requires getting enough rest. Men who received less than six hours per night were four times more likely to die over the course of one 14-year study. As past research has shown, people who sleep less are in fact more likely to die, in part because of an increase in accidents.

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Living a fulfilling life with a satisfying career, pets and relationships with few arguments also are attributed to longer life spans. For more ways that you can live longer, watch the video from AsapSCIENCE.

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