When UK resident Farrah Shaihk became fed up with how much breast milk she was wasting, her husband Jim — an engineering expert — started to think up possible solutions. Now, the Yoomi baby bottle — one of Jim's novel ideas — could change the way that mothers feed their children.

The self-warming breastfeeding system makes sure that expressed breast milk (EBM), or pre-fixed formula, is at the correct temperature before it is fed to the user's child. What's more, it does the job in just 60 seconds.

Strict rules exist for breast milk storage and handling to ensure that the child is getting the best supply of nutrients. When a baby feeds directly from the mother's breast, the milk is at around 90°F.

The heating technology within the Yoomi baby bottle heats the milk to the appropriate temperature while protecting nutrients that the child needs. The device was even designed to be BPA-free, meaning free of bisphenol A. BPA is a harmful chemical found in certain types of plastic material and is known to affect an infant's neurological development.

Aside from the health benefits of the Yoomi bottle, mothers around the UK can't get enough of how simple the device makes breastfeeding. The bottle, which is rechargeable for up to 150 uses, can keep milk warm for an hour and can be cleaned in a pot of boiling water to keep it sterilized.

"Many of my new mums and dads who are out and about get in rather a panic about how to transport the milk, how to warm it up, how to store it and so on," said Clare Byam-Cook, former nurse and midwife and an independent breast feeding counselor.

"A bottle like the yoomi, which enables one to be self-sufficient - heating it easily and rapidly in under a minute - is all you need."

The 8-oz. Yoomi bottle with the warmer is currently selling on its website for $32.95, although the warmer by itself sells for $25.95. The product also is also sold in a 5-oz. bottle with a warmer for on-the-go breastfeeding emergencies.