Hugo Cornellier claims he was “taking selfies before it was mainstream” on his YouTube page.

The teenager has brought together art and selfies in a time lapse video that documents him aging over the course of seven years — and now his video has gone viral. Cornellier shows how selfies aren’t always a form of narcissism or simply a new “trend” of the younger generation, but can be made into a form of documentation, self-portrait, and even a personal history of sorts.

Cornellier began taking selfies when he was 12, and continued to do so every day — in varying outfits, positions, and rooms, often joined by random visiting friends — until he was 19. In just over a minute, you can see what life looks like in fast forward — and watch the subtle facial changes that occur bit by bit every day.

Cornellier isn’t the first to undertake this type of project. One Boston College photography professor, Karl Baden, decided to complete an art project that involved taking black and white photos of himself every day for 24 years, eight months, and 11 days — back in 1987. Baden’s portraits were assembled into a two-minute video in which you can visualize his wrinkles growing.

Aging is a gradual process that occurs every day, and these videos are a reminder of how fleeting youth can be.