Across the nation, bullying remains as one of the leading problems in public school systems today. In response, researchers are trying to find trends in revenge, and in one such case, a student has reportedly gone as far as handing it out in the form of semen-filled cupcakes.

A high school girl in Bakersfield, Calif., brought homemade cupcakes to school last Thursday and fed them to students who picked on her. When one of the students tried a cupcake and asked why it tasted so bad, the girl said it was because she filled them with bodily fluids.

A student contacted 10News' Scripps sister station 23ABC to report the unusual incident. Police then received reports that the Centennial High School student was passing out semen-filled cupcakes that also included pubic hair, expired food, and pills. After investigating, police Sgt. Joe Grubbs reported that the cupcakes contained household items such as mayonnaise, barbeque sauce and soy sauce.

The cupcakes were destroyed before the health department could officially test them, so the investigation was called off. However, police are still working on the case. This left students who ingested the cupcakes without confirmation or denial of the cupcakes’ exact contents.

The following day, the school notified students of a new policy stating that outside food was no longer allowed to be brought into the school. According to Centennial High School students, a French class’ food day was canceled due to the incident.

Recently, a new study was released highlighting a much more dangerous level of revenge that bullied students were seeking in the United States. After analyzing data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, researchers found an estimated 200,000 weapons, such as firearms and knives, were being brought into schools each year. The estimates were based on data collected from more than 15,000 high schools, which recorded how many students were victims of bullying, what type of bullying, the frequency at which each student was experiencing bullying, and if they ever brought a weapon into school.

Although feeding semen-filled cupcakes, or even ones made from common household ingredients, to bullies may seem like a mildly harmless yet disturbing revenge route, it should alarm school administrators nonetheless. Revenge can come in all forms, and the recent weapon estimation has encouraged schools to reevaluate their role in decreasing bullying, on both the bullies and victim’s end.