How many times do we come across advertisements trying to sell food and dietary supplements that is supposed to sharpen the mind, improve concentration and enhance memory? Do they really work or do they have no impact on the chronological aging that our body goes through along with age?

While there is no clear answer to how these supplements impact the brain, there is definitive proof that adding some food and beverages to your diet could actually go a long way towards increasing the chances of maintaining a healthy mind. Listed below are seven food habits that can energize your brain and help you focus and concentrate on the tasks at hand:

1) Sugar as fuel: We are not referring to crystallized sugar that you add to any beverage. But, having a high quantity of glucose via the carbohydrates in your diet can easily boost short term memory and clear up the thinking faculty. But, ensure that you go easy on the sugars so that the rest of your body stays healthy too.

2) Break your fast: Never skip your breakfast as studies suggest that the day's first meal does improve memory and attention span. Students who have a morning meal are known to perform better at school than those who don't. Prefer whole grains, dairy and fruits during breakfast.

3) Say yes to Protein: Any food item rich in omega 3 fatty acid is a pre-requisite for brain development and functioning. These healthy fats, found aplenty in fish, are also linked to a reduced risk of dementia and stroke. They are also known to delay the aging of the brain.

4) Seeds and Nuts: These are good sources fo vitamin E that is often associated with less cognitive decline as a person ages. Natural stimulants like caffeine found in dark chocolate are also known to stimulate the brain. Take an ounce a day of nuts and dark chocolate.

5) Enhance blood flow: It is not just the brain that requires a high level of blood flow to work efficiently. So, eating whole grains, fruits and vegetables not only cuts the risk of cardiovascular disease, but also reduces plaque buildup. Food article high in vitamin E enhances a healthy blood flow.

6) Oxidative stress: Scientists have found that blueberries protect the brain from stress and directly lead to reduced effects of age-related ailments like dementia. They also improve the storage capacity of the brain and enhance motor skills.

7) Avoid supplements: Healthcare specialists say that a balanced diet is as good a way to enhance brain power as knocking back those brain-boosters containing vitamins, beta-carotene and magnesium. Also, they warn that supplements tend to be useful only to those who lack a specific vitamin.