Are you the sort who picks up the latest health fad advertised on television and chase health drinks and health foods? If so, beware for some of these health foods are actually not healthy and may actually put paid to your daily diet.

We present a list of seven such items on your menu that requires a second look before you make them a part of your regular diet program:

1. Caesar Salad: Did you know that a small bowl of the salad contains up to 400 calories, apart from 30 grams of fat? The excessive dressing associated with the salad is the culprit. So, the next time you fix one, use only about one spoon of dressing and two spoons of Parmesan cheese.

2. Smoothies: The next time your friend reminds you to take a "healthy" smoothie, remember that it contains a massive 80 grams of sugar and accounts for 350 calories. What's more, there is no fresh fruit, nor protein in the drink as fruit concentrates find their way in.

3. Energy bars: Do not mistake them for cereal bars that are rich in protein. Most energy bars stack up around 500 calories. Athletes and dancers who gorge on these are better off with bars that are around 300 calories and contain at least 5 grams of fiber and some protein.

4. Sugar free foods: Anyone considering these for a weight loss program will do well to understand that these artificially sweetened foods often come with a large helping of fries or a dessert. So, it may be a good idea to add up the total calories before going with sugar-free foods.

5. Vitamin supplements: Often added to bottled water and sold, these supplements contain sugar which adds up the calorie count to 125 per bottle. It is better to go with crystallized lemon added to cold water.

6. Muffins: This favorite choice for breakfast is actually as bad as doughnuts given the refined flour and sugar it contains. Each muffin can add up to 500 calories. So, the next time, pick up a muffin that is less than 2.5 inches in diameter.

7. Yogurt: Often considered the best ingredient of a nutritional platter, yogurt is rich in protein and calcium with enough sugar in their to turn your diet on its head. Avoid sugary fruit at the bottom and only consume about six ounces at one go. That's good enough to add 130 calories.