Jogging is a great way to cardiovascular health as running at a slow and steady pace works out the heart and lungs hard. In addition to the obvious cardiovascular benefits, jogging helps reduce excess weight and build endurance.

Soon after developing a jogging regime, you will find that you have more endurance for activities other than jogging. Jogging encourages the body to produce more endorphins. We present a list of tips that men should consider before embarking on a jogging regimen:

1) Stick to a pace that is right for you. Do not push yourself too hard on the tracks.

2) Carry a bottle of water while jogging. Have plenty of water during the workout because men sweat faster causing them to dehydrate faster.

3) Protect your calves from wearing out too quickly by running midway on your feet not on your heels or toes.

4) Choose loose fitting jogging clothes. Dress in warm layers if the weather is nippy.

5) Use sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays.

6) Wear appropriate jogging shoes. Make sure that the shoes are comfortable and provides proper support and prevents pains while jogging.

7) Bring a heart rate monitor to maintain your pulse at an ideal interval. This will help you maximize the length of your running interval.