Studies show that mornings are the most common time for heart disease, when your blood platelets are in a stickier state. And men are more prone to cardiovascular disease.

The WHO has recognized heart disease as a global outbreak. In fact, the age limit for having heart attacks has fallen from 65 plus to 45 plus due to the stressful lifestyle of most people.

It is actually a hereditary disease. So if your parents had it then you are at risk. Today it is one of the most dangerous and common lifestyle diseases. Here’s how you can fight it:

1. Banish alcohol and cigarette: Alcohol can cause hypertension and it might bring on obesity. Smoking can push you to eat less than you need and result in your immune systems becoming weak.

2. Beat stress: It can push you to eat more and eat unhealthy food that can put pressure on your heart.

3. Control sugar: According to experts, people with high sugar levels are most prone to heart attack.

4. Avoid trans fat – It can lead to high cholesterol. Research shows that people with cholesterol counts of 240 mg/dL or plus are considered at risk of cardiovascular high disease.

5. Control blood pressure: Blood pressure can lead to hypertension which raises your heart’s workload. This can cause blood to flow into the brain, eyes, kidneys and heart, leading to stroke which can be fatal.

6. Lose weight: Added weight of body makes the heart works harder, raising the level of cholesterol and blood pressure.

7. Work your body: Sedentary lifestyle is one of the reasons for weak heart. So, try and get some exercise each day.