The art of Yoga is all about physical discipline and using the body and breathing to develop strength and mental alertness. The exercises prescribed as part of Yoga improves flexibility, stamina, strength and balance, besides helping individuals increase concentration and reduce stress.

Practitioners of this ancient Indian form of workouts require some specific physical and mental discipline to obtain maximum benefits. If you are planning to take up Yoga, here are a few precautions that you must adhere to:

1. Learn about Yoga: The first thing that needs to be done before starting to take up Yogic workouts is to learn about this ancient science of physical and mental fitness.

2. Rule out any heart or bone disease: Make sure that you are not suffering from any illness like, heart problem, back problem, etc., before starting Yoga.

3. The right time: The best time to practice Yoga is early in the morning. You need start the workouts on an empty stomach. There is no harm in working out at any time of the day though one must avoid food before one to three hours of Yoga.

4. Right breathing: Beginners should learn the right breathing techniques because the entire workout regimen and its impact centers on it. Take good care to understand the format for inhaling and exhaling with each of the postures to reap maximum benefits.

5. Basic postures: It is ideal for beginners to start with basic yoga postures, like the sun salute, seated twist, cat, dog, cobra, mountain, triangle and forward fold.

6. Avoid exertion: Do not over exert when doing the postures. Start slowly and understand the alignment of the postures. You need not have to achieve the classical perfection that you is seen among experts. But strive towards getting the basic posture right.

7. Stretching: As with any form of workout, beginners need to do some stretching and limbering exercises before starting Yoga sessions. The sun salute poses are very good stretching exercises.