Are you stricken by the urge to urinate often? Does holding it in seem like a challenge? Then you suffer from what is popularly called incontinence or Over Active Bladder (OAB).

This is something that generally strikes women post 40. It occurs when the muscles surrounding the bladder get weak and have contractions that are involuntary. So even if your bladder is half full you might feel the urge to urinate, and you may even end up with a dry session. It can be an embarrassment. Listed below are seven things you need to keep in mind regarding this problem:

1) OAB is generally a sign of another serious health problem.

2) It takes place when the muscles around the neck of the bladder get weak.

3) You know you have OAB if you go to the bathroom more than once at night.

4) You can get OAB if you have a urinary tract infection.

5) If you suffer from the wet form of OAB then it is best to keep yourself protected with pads or adult diapers.

6) Prostate cancer or inflammation of the prostate glands can also lead to incontinence.

7) You can lessen your fluid intake and downsize your coffee and tea intake