Throat cancer is a generic term that can signify several different types of cancer in different parts of the throat and mouth.

So it can mean a tumor at the base of the tongue or on the tonsils and surrounding tissues. It can also happen on the soft palate, or the front and back walls of the throat.

Since the cancer in the mouth gives less pain diagnosis can get delayed. Here’s what you need to watch out for:

1. Smoking and alcohol are the biggest reason why you can get throat cancer. The combination of drinking and smoking is really the culprit.

2. Bigger that smoking and drinking is the infection caused by human papillomavirus - the sexually transmitted virus which also causes cervical cancer in women.

3. This cancer can happen in your 20s but only show up in your 40s.

4. If caught in the early stages throat cancer by cured 85 percent of the time through radiation. If caught in later stages it can get tough to cure.

5. It is signified by persistent throat pain, difficulty in swallowing, bleeding in mouth and throat, and hoarseness.

6. Robotic surgery or minimal invasive surgery can take care of small tumors. It can be supplemented by radiation and chemotherapy if in the later stages.

7. However radiation can burn the mouth and throat and can cause blisters which can be painful in it. Patients usually are severely fatigued during the treatment. Post recovery patients also suffer from dryness of mouth and throat.