You know cigarettes are injurious to health, and can aggravate many health complications. You have tried many times to give up the nicotine but somewhere between one smoke a day and withdrawal symptoms you gave up because you couldn’t manage it.

Your healthcare specialist and well-wishers may have given you several ideas to give up smoking in the past. Our health experts bring you a few tips that can be carried out without any outside help. We suggest you read them and immediately start trying them out, maybe one at a time lasting over the entire week:

1. Whenever you get the urge to smoke, sip cold water slowly through a straw. It can help you deal with the sucking impulse and cold water releases the happy hormones Dopamine in the head to ease the negative mood.

2. Eat small meals to fight the urge to smoke. Try lean healthy option. Biting on a celery or carrot sticks can help.

3. Brush your teeth frequently to wash off the foul taste that smoking can cause. One of the benefits of quitting is that it makes your mouth feel fresh, and breath smell better.

4. Reward your no-smoking achievements. Keep record of your smoke-free days, and note all the positive feelings you get from this. Then give yourself a small token in appreciation of this. You will feel happy and less urges to smoke.

5. Find your no smoking zone. Whenever the urge strikes just head to an area where smoking isn’t allowed.

6. Pop a chewing gum instead of a cigarette. The chewing action will take away the urge. Try vitamin C tablets, they can help you fight the craving.

7. Be active and go for regular exercise routine to beat stress, since stress can aggravate the urge to smoke.