A lot of people experience memory lapses, some of which are serious while most others are not and can be overcome with additional process orientation.

Or course, forgetfulness becomes more prominent as a person ages. Many older people worry about becoming more forgetful. They think forgetfulness is the first sign of Alzheimer's disease. In the past, memory loss and confusion were considered a normal part of aging.

There are some effective ways to overcome forgetfulness and sharpen your memory. Here is a list of seven such tips to tide over forgetfulness:

1. Be calm: An unperturbed, calm lifestyle is the key to retaining good memory. Being organized and keeping everything in order ensures less stress. You can practice meditation to stay calm

2. Sleep properly: Getting enough sleep is important for a good memory. Sleeplessness can lead to forgetfulness. Make sure to have six to eight hours of sleep at a stretch or make sure you have a few short naps during the day

3. B12 rich diet: A diet rich in nutrients is the key to good memory. Foods containing B12 are considered best memory enhancers. Milk, cheese, egg yolks, oysters, fish etc. are some of the food sources containing vitamin B12

4. Engage in mind games: Many memory games and puzzles will improve an individual’s memory and retention skills. It will keep your mind fresh. Regular memory boosting activities can help preserve the memory function intact for a long time

5. Try visualizing: Relating things to a mental picture is found helping people in creating sequence of things. This would help you enabled to remember sharp details about people and situations

6. Practice repetitions: Repetition works well to enhance memory. Constant repetition allows pieces of information in the brain get reinstated. This will help easier recall of memories

7. Write things down: Writing things down is also one of the best memory enhancer techniques. It is not something that one needs to feel bad about