Erectile dysfunction is a common disorder among older men though even youngsters suffer from this sexual disease often caused by high levels of stress and performance fears. The problem relates to a person’s inability to maintain a penile erection for the purpose of penetration during sexual intercourse.

Check out seven things you can do to avoid the embarrassment of an erectile dysfunction…

1.Watch your diet: Doctors suggest that any diet that is bad for a man’s heart is also bad for his penis and the ability to have an erection and sustain it. Research suggests that the eating patterns that cause heart attacks by cutting down blood flow into coronary arteries can stop blood from flowing into the penis. Studies indicate that a diet that includes vegetables, fruits, whole grain and healthy cholesterol like nuts and olive oil is good for sustaining erections.

2.Maintain a healthy weight as being overweight or obese not only causes health problems like type-2 diabetes, it can also impact the nerves in the penis. This can result in erectile dysfunction and is known to be a major factor resulting in premature ejaculation as well.

3.Cholesterol and high BP are other factors that could lead to the blood vessels being damaged and adversely impacting the flow of blood into the penis. Also remember that regular intake of blood pressure drugs can make it hard to get an erection though research suggests that these are not caused by the drugs but the earlier damage to arteries caused by high BP.

4.Alcohol should be consumed in moderation as heavy consumption could lead to liver and nerve damage and a host of other conditions that cause erectile dysfunction

5.Regular workout is a key to cutting away incidents of ED as there is evidence to suggest that a sedentary lifestyle can cause men to lose their propensity to sustain an erection. Take up cardiovascular activities like running, swimming and aerobic exercises.

6.If you are in the habit of cycling regularly, ensure that the bikes fit them properly and they wear padded cycling pants and stand up regularly while pedaling.

7.Avoid risky sex by doing away with positions that you are uncomfortable with in terms of the penis pending partially. Also ensure that the vagina is well lubricated before actually starting to thrust and make sure the penis does not slip out.