Sex education is an important part of school, but there are many crucial details that teachers or state-mandated curricula may leave out. Thankfully, the team at All Time 10’s recently made a compilation of the 10 most important factors of male sexuality that are commonly left out of sex ed, just in case you were still in the dark.

As explained in the video, there are often descrepencies between what young boys learn in sex education class, and what they may encounter in the real world. For the most part, these are harmless details, such as the existence of the male g-spot, or prostate gland located between the bladder and the rectum. Others, however are far more important.

As shown in the video, most health classes inaccurately teach that condoms are 97 percent effective at preventing pregnancies, when in reality this true prevention rate is closer to 82 percent. Men are more likely to use condoms incorrectly, and practice behaviors such as putting on the condom too late and not leaving enough air at the tip—all which compromise their effectiveness.

Among the other sex facts included in the video include the dangers of a broken penis, whether or not there is any correlation between penis size and foot size, how long sperm can survive inside the female body, and the science behind wet dreams. To get all the truth on male reproduction, check out the entire video below.

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