Edwin Charles Tobergta has been arrested for the sixth time for public indecency for having sex with an inanimate object. To be more specific, Tobergta has been written up having sexual relations with pool rafts and, on one occasion, a pumpkin — and that's just the times he’s been caught.

The 32-year-old Ohio native just can’t seem to help himself when in the presence of a pool raft. Earlier this week, drivers spotted him on the side of a rode having what appeared to be sex with a pink life raft, WFLA reported. Tobergta is a somewhat repeat offender for this sort of crime, having been arrested a multiple other times for similar reasons, Deadspin reported.

In 2013, he was found having illicit relations with a pool raft in the view of a child. The judge who proceeded over Tobergta’s trial called the sex act “lewd” and “something society’s not going to tolerate,” as reported by Gawker. Tobergta, whose family claims is suffering from mental problems, has acknowledged that his actions are not acceptable. "I do want to apologize for my actions. I'm sorry," Tobergta told the court at his sentencing. "I'm ready to get my life together and quit all this nonsense."

Tobergta is not alone in his sexual preference for inanimate objects. Object sexuality is a psychological condition referring to individuals who develop deep emotional and/or romantic attachments to (and have sexual relationships with) inanimate objects or structures. It is not considered a fetish because these individuals consider themselves as an equal to the object and are not solely using it to enhance or facilitate their sexual behavior, Psychology Today reported. Tobergta’s family insists the 32-year-old meant no harm by his crimes. "He has a lot of mental problems and he's always had a fascination for plastic," Linda Tobergta explained, according to Gawker. "That's just it. That's all of it. We never could get the proper care for Edwin. It's like nobody cares." Tobergta is currently being held on $18,000 bond.

German sexologist Volkmar Sigusch has done extensive research into those who enjoy relations with objects and structures. According to him, today’s society makes it difficult for many to form intimate or trusting relations with another person. "Cities are populated by an entire army of socially isolated individuals. Singles, isolated people, cultural sodomites, many perverts and sex addicts,” Sigusch told Psychology Today. Although strange, Sigusch doesn’t feel those who have relations with objects are harmful to society “They're not abusing or traumatizing other people. Who else can you say that about?" he said. So, it seems as long as Tobergta keeps his sexual conduct behind closed doors and away from the eyes of children, there’s really no harm done.