All's not fair in love and sex — at least when it comes to orgasms in the bedroom. Although women generally need more time to become sexually aroused than men, they possess a special advantage — multiple orgasms. Men can't enjoy multiples because their bodies need a “refractory period” to recover from orgasm, but the multi-orgasmic woman possesses the power to enjoy double o's or more, without limitations.

Only a third of women experience orgasm regularly during intercourse, while another third need extra stimulation to reach orgasm with intercourse. It is normal to have orgasms by means other than intercourse, like foreplay, specifically oral sex. Meanwhile, studies show women need a mere one or two minutes, on average, to reach their second climax, also known as a multiple orgasm, according to Catherine Blacklege, author of The Story of V: A Natural History of Female Sexuality. The most female orgasms observed was an impressive 134 in just 60 minutes.

Multiple orgasms occur when a woman has more than one orgasm during a sexual experience with either her partner, or while she's self-stimulating. They don't always occur in succession, but with continued stimulation and arousal, they can have a second and a third go with little effort.

The trick is to not overstimulate the clitoris, which is easy to do since it has over 8,000 sensitive nerve endings, double the nerve endings in the glans of a penis.

“Sometimes you may need an erogenous area rest, as it might be overly sensitive to stimulation, but then increase arousal again,” Dr. Fran Walfish, Beverly Hills psychotherapist, author of The Self-Aware Parent and co-star on WEtv, Sex Box, previously told Medical Daily.

Previous research shows that only 15 percent of women have actually succeeded in having double o’s. However, there's not a lot of data on multiple orgasms, which makes it difficult to study. Research published in Archives of Sexual Behavior found that out of 800 women, 26 percent achieved multiple orgasms through self-stimulation, and 25 percent via intercourse.

So, how can you become a multi-orgasmic woman?

Walfish suggests practicing this by having the guy help you reach your first clitoral climax using his hands, mouth, or a vibrator, and then he should continue to stimulate your clitoral area in a slower way for 30 seconds, and resume at a normal pace to get to the second level of arousal. An orgasm can range anywhere from fireworks to the flicker of a candle; all contingent on how strong the pelvic contraction is and how long it lasts.

Women who lack the ability to orgasm should talk to their doctor. This could be physical or psychological and includes not being stimulated sufficiently, worrying about sexual performance, or problems with physical health, among other reasons. About two-thirds of women report sexual problems, with orgasm being the biggest issue for those in their teens and 20s.

Remember, multiple orgasms can become part of your bedroom repertoire for healthy women.