If there's one thing Shalom Nchom wants viewers to take away from her makeup tutorials, it's that they should love themselves with or without makeup.

Nchom recently collaborated with fellow YouTuber YunnieRose to do "the power of makeup challenge." In the video, the two women cover half of their face with makeup and leave the other half untouched. And for Nchom, one of the reasons she wanted to do the video was because of what happened to her when she was nine.

According to BuzzFeed, the 20-year-old makeup artist sustained severe burns after an accident with frying oil at her family's store. Nchom said people would stop and stare at her whenever she stepped out, which made her feel "like a live statue." While she learned how to do her makeup to cover her scars, she said she still wasn't happy. It wasn't until she accepted what happened to her that her outlook started to change.

"You should love yourself either way—makeup or no makeup," she said. "Makeup is not the reason why I am happy. I’m happy because I love myself."

Nchom learned to do makeup so well that her classmates started to ask for her help. Today, she regularly posts tutorials for her 48,000 (and counting) subscribers on YouTube, where her goals is not only for people to learn how to apply makeup, but for them to "learn to live and love themselves for who they truly are."

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