Terry the sheep was born with a striking deformity - his head is upside down. A clip depicting the animal has made the rounds on YouTube, amassing 50,000 views in just five days.

Commenters immediately asked if the video was a fake, suggesting that it was simply a normal sheep shot from a bizarre angle. But YouTube user Allan McNamara, who took the footage and posted them onto the popular clip web site, insists that they are real. He spotted the animal while he was walking in the countryside with a friend.

The 30-year-old computer technician says that he believes that the abnormality came about because Terry twisted his spine, though no one is sure what caused Terry's condition. But Terry is thought not to be in any pain. Indeed, he seems to be just as calm and docile as the other sheep on the farm. The description on the YouTube video says that he "can eat, sleep and do everything other sheep can."

McNamara also said that he was the one to name the sheep, who was new to the farm. He said that the name "Terry" just felt right. The YouTube video is taken a bit far away, so McNamara posted some additional pictures on the web-hosting site Imgur.

Terry lives in England. The video can be seen below.