Anyone who has been affected by alcohol abuse, whether personally or through a loved one, knows it is a disability and often becomes a life-threatening problem. It has no prejudices and strikes the rich and poor with blind indifference. The drinking problems of Disney-kid-turned-Hollywood-actor Shia LaBeouf have gained a lot of press lately. In an extreme act of humility, it is reported that the Transformers star has taken the first step toward recovering by checking himself into rehab.

Some are calling it "rock bottom," which may be harsh, but if there were ever a good enough situation to use the term, it would be to describe the recent actions of LaBeouf. The actor has admitted to attending AA meetings in the past but as a child with his father, Gawker reported. However, in his teen years, the actor’s curly brown locks were absent from the headlines for anything other than blockbuster movie ticket sales.

"Adding up his box office, this guy has been a part of some of the biggest franchises of all time with Transformers and Indiana Jones," said Paul Dergarabedian, box office analyst for Rentrak, to the NY Daily News. In 2007, the public was first made aware of his possible substance abuse problems with an arrest in Walgreens for “intoxicated” behavior. Again, in 2008, LaBeouf faced another arrest, this time for drunk driving. Last week, after being released from jail for a third arrest involving alcohol-related problems, it is reported by X17 Online that the star was dropped off at a popular Hollywood rehab facilitation in Hollywood. It is unclear whether his appearance at the rehab center is for in-patient or out-patient treatment.

According to Radar Online, the actor has been seen carrying Alcoholics Anonymous literature lately. Insiders tell Radar that the star has been frequently spotted attending AA meetings in both New York and L.A.

Upon entering the rehabilitation facilitation, LaBeouf will be retaught how to enjoy life without the obsession to drink. According to Alcoholics Anonymous, this will help the sufferer become “happily and usefully whole.” The group offers a 12-step spiritually based program to help the sufferer become free from his addiction. Alcoholism is defined as a chronic and often progressive disease by the Mayo Clinic. Those who suffer from the condition have problems controlling their drinking, often obsess over alcohol and, in extreme cases, have withdrawal symptoms when they stop drinking.

LaBeouf is not alone in his problems with alcohol. The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism reports that there are an estimated 17 million Americans who have an alcohol use disorder. This includes both alcoholism and harmful drinking habits that have not yet reached to the level of dependency yet. In the United States, each year nearly 85,000 people die from alcohol-related causes, and globally alcohol is listed as the number one leading factor for premature death and disability in people between the ages of 15 and 29.