In 2009, a mother walked into a Florida shooting range with her son. Witnesses would later say she appeared antsy, like she was anxious about something. When her son stepped up to take his practice shots, the mother, Marie Moore, grabbed a pistol and shot him in the back of the head, then shot herself.

According to a report by Fusion, it's incredibly easy to rent a gun at a shooting range. The ranges are not required to conduct background checks, which might have revealed Moore's "history of mental illness," Fusion reported. Homicide and suicide at shooting ranges are growing increasingly visible because of video footage of the incidents. Last month, a 9-year-old in Arizona was firing an Uzi at a shooting range as her parents filmed it. She couldn't control the heavy gun and accidentally shot her instructor in the head.

In the video Brooks demonstrates how easy it is to borrow a gun in a range. "It took just 20 minutes to walk into this Miami range and rent a gun for the very first time," she says, blasting a hole through a human-shaped target. "Easy because in the U.S. a criminal background check is required by law to buy a gun, but not to rent one."