Popular use of electronic cigarettes is facing divided views from regulators and anti-smoking agencies that can either permit sale and trial it with anti-smoking procedures or suspend all sales of e-cigarettes until clinically approved.

E-cigarettes are sold as a package with atomizers, batteries and cartridges. Intoxication is achieved by a flavored nicotine-filled vapor they produce. They are extremely popular in US with 500,000 people turning to usage within three years of hitting the market.

The cigarette industry revenue is $80 billion and $1.2 billion is spent on smoking-cessation products. The Food and Drug Administration, FDA, regulates cigarette alternatives that are therapeutic as drugs. In the case of e-cigarettes, the US district court has ruled it solely as recreational and not therapeutic. FDA seeks decision authority on electronic cigarettes from US district court. Other ingredients present in cartridges have to be identified.

E-cigarettes are gaining in popularity because they are relatively cheap, starting at $40 and available online. FDA keeps a constant watch on the e-cigarette market, the nicotine content and the health claims released by manufacturers.

A recent warning issued in September targeted five companies namely E-Cig Technology Inc. from Las Vegas, Gamucci America from Florida, Ruyan America Inc. in Minneapolis, Johnson Creek Enterprises LLC , Wisconsin, and E-CigaretteDirect LLC , Colorado. E-Cig had claimed on its website that e-cigarettes “help you reduce or quit smoking habits,”. Most of companies have not responded to the warning.

GlaxoSmithKline Plc, makers of Nicorette, has come in support of FDA drug review on electronic cigarettes.
Howard Marsh, its chief medical officer is quoted as “You’ve got to be fair to consumers,” Marsh said in an interview.

“They need the reassurance that these products have undergone the same degree of rigor in terms of demonstrating safety and efficacy.”

Enthusiasts are encouraging its use towards smoking cessation procedures. The Tobacco-control community is divided and the American Lung Association wants electronic cigarettes banned.