Have you ever seen someone go for a run with no shoes on? Heard that it’s actually more natural and better for your body? Can the right running sneaker really help us avoid injury?

These questions are explored in Brit Lab’s video, “Is Barefoot Running Better For You?”

Read: Take It Slow With Barefoot Sneakers, You May be Doing More Harm Than Good

After running in “trainers” (or running sneakers), no shoes, and barefoot sneakers, host Doctor Michael Mosley examined scans and consulted a doctor to understand his weight shift and change in running stride.

Interested in running barefoot but don’t know how it will affect your body?

“I’d advise to have a go, see how it feels, but take your time. Do not expect it to feel natural or pain free to start with. You need to train; think of the body. You need time to adapt,” Doctor Andy Greenhorsch told Mosley in Brit Lab’s video.

Want to know more about how barefoot running compares to wearing shoes? Watch Brit Lab’s video above.

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