Snoring means one thing — at least one person is sleeping. Several remedies may help those who snore quiet down, including mouth and tongue exercises and diet changes. The Silent Partner, an Indiegogo crowdfunded smart patch, takes a different approach — it cancels out the sound of snoring with white noise.

Silent Partner uses destructive interference to reduce the sound of snoring. In physics, this refers to the interference of two sound waves of equal frequency and opposite phase, which together cancel each other out and “act as zero,” Netanel Eyal, CEO of Silent Partner, told BBC Click.

The wearable device is designed to pick up the amplitude and frequency of the sound wave produced by snoring, and emit an acoustic sound wave with an inverted phase, known as “subwavelength active noise cancellation.” In addition, the gadget employs an isolation mechanism that keeps sound vibrations from being transmitted to the partner's body via contact. Together, this creates a “silent zone” around the snorer that’s effective from eight inches away.

The hypoallergenic medical-grade adhesive helps the device to stay in place. The Silent Partner kit contains 14 adhesive patches that may be used for a month each. The kit contains a rechargeable battery that can be recharged with a mini-USB cable and a phone charger.

The device still has to go through vigorous testing before it’s on the market for sale. “We are still in the development stage so we have the working prototype in the lab. After a few months we go to the production stage,” he said.

Silent Partner has already gained traction on Indiegogo and can be pre-ordered for $107 on the site. It is estimated to ship worldwide in November 2016.

Meanwhile, Eyal hopes Silent Partner will promote healthy relationships, and allow snorers “to snore but to feel good with it.”