X-Factor producer Simon Cowell described his morning routine amongst other things on the “Tonight Show” with Jay Leno.

According to the TV celebrity, his anti-aging routine includes vitamin injections, and three types of smoothies he described as “special.”

They include: One smoothie made from spinach, a banana, lemon and ice; another with mixed fruits; and one made with oranges and anti-oxidants.

The routine is orchestrated for him by housekeepers whom he says put together a morning breakfast including English breakfast tea, and the three smoothies.

He then watches the Flintstones, Tom and Jerry for “meaning of life” philosophies.

When questioned further, Cowell said he preferred to watch cartoons because he news was too serious.

After cartoons, Cowell said he takes intravenous doses of vitamin B, C and Magnesium to help maintain his shape. The Vitamin B injections were recommended by Danni Minogue, he said.

"These vitamins, you can feel them going through your entire body and I mean your entire body,” Cowell, 51, said.