A new YouTube video is quickly giving us all one vital piece of online dating advice: Lying about your profile picture is perfectly OK… if you’re a man. If you’re a woman who chooses a profile photo that looks dramatically different than your actual appearance, then you have about a pretty high chance of your date leaving before you even have time to order a drink.

Simple Pickup is a team of bloggers who give men advice on how to woo women. The group decided to conduct a social experiment to see what happens when someone blatantly lies in their Tinder profile photo. The premise is simple enough: Get an adorable, fit, blonde girl to attract a few men to go on a date with her and see how they react when she ends up being dramatically heavier than her photos suggested.

The results were a sad reflection of the typical male Tinder user. Of the woman’s five dates, four left before the couple even had time to order a beverage. “I really don’t appreciate people lying to me,” explained one man before walking away. Others were less harsh with their excuse to leave, with one explaining that he was “actually married,” while another never returned after using the bathroom.

To be honest, it’s really not the guys’ fault. No one likes to be lied to. Still, how the majority of men in the “experiment” behaved is quite appalling, especially when compared to their female counterparts, none of which left after finding their male date to be significantly larger than his profile picture. Hopefully, we can all walk away with an important lesson after watching these videos: If you’re looking for love on the Internet, try to be as honest as possible to avoid shallow jerks.