While there’s still time, quit smoking and save yourself from the bad effects it can give you that could lead to cancer. One stick of cigarette can still cause the disease and cause damage to your health. A single tobacco may contain 70 chemicals responsible of listing your name down as one of the future cancer patients.

Occasional or passive as it is labeled, this can bring damage as immediate as can be towards the body of a smoker. Cell damage, the same as inflammation of the tissues, can be brought about by smoking and can lead to illness, and to the worst scenario, death.

Researchers have been arguing that smoke coming from tobacco contains a deadly concoction of more than likely seven thousand products and chemicals which includes hundreds of toxins, seventy of which are carcinogens. It has been detected that cancer risk is raised seventy times more because of these toxic substances as a result of smoking.

Data reveals that every time a person is exposed to cigarette smoke his DNA can be damaged and this might prevent his body system in repairing cell damages. Cardiovascular diseases can result even with the least exposure to tobacco smoking. As these deadly chemicals reach the lungs the time that smoke is inhaled, immediate damage ensues. The risk of cancer stays with second-hand smoking as well.

Cancer patients have the benefit of chemotherapy but cigarette smokers’ chances for it is reduced. Eighty-five percent of lung cancer cases are a result of cigarette smoking alone and it can also offer a lot of other cancer diseases on the side.

Cigarette smoking can result to having bad skin as it takes away vitamin C by excessive inhalation of the smoke. Smoking restricts the blood vessels as it prevents oxygen intake and nutrients; the reason why smokers apparently are pale and not healthy compared to those who are not tobacco smokers. It could bring about bad breath for smokers as the nicotine stays longer in the mouth and clings to the teeth and tongue.

Cigarette smoke can permeate the clothes and the fabrics that are reached by the aroma. For athletes, reduced stamina can lead to inefficiency in their kind of sport. The risks of being prone to diseases are imminent; the same as the risk of being easily contaminated with such. There is a lot more of dangers in acquired injuries and it takes a longer time for the patient to heal.

Therefore, it is not a question on how many sticks of cigarettes one smoker can consume every day. The fact remains that smokers, occasional or passive as the case maybe, have the same risk as that of a chain smoker as they all inhale the same kind of smoke and this has already been proven as fatal. If one smokes a stick at certain period, imagine how many carcinogens he inhales and takes inside his body; multiply it with the number of sticks he takes on in the following days to come and he can come up with more number of carcinogens that can pave the way for a free passage to a shorter life with a longer time for suffering.