Doctors now recommend that you give your baby your breast within the first three hours of birth. The reason is that the first milk called the colostrums is highly nutrient rich and helps in creating the baby’s first defences.

It also helps in the emotional bonding between mother and child. Experts in childcare advice feeding your baby breast milk exclusively for the first six months, and feed till about 24 months to strengthen the baby’s immune system.

1. Breast milk protects the baby against infection especially influenza which can be fatal for an infant.

2. A breast fed baby will rarely have diarrhea, and stomach related issues.

3. Breast fed babies respond better to vaccines as their levels of anti-bodies are significantly higher than that of formula fed infants.

4. Breast fed babies also have lower instances of respiratory disease, and ear infection.

5. Breast fed babies have higher IQ and faster cognitive development.

6. It also helps the child have stronger social cognizance and emotional bonding.