The way to prolong life, avoid diseases and a happy life is through healthy habits. Most women need to follow the six tips to keep a healthy life. Have regular health checks. Prevention is better than cure.

A: Eat fresh food.Fresh vegetables and fruits should be consumed. Whole grains, fiber-rich leafy greens and beans and fresh meat, fish and poultry. Avoid tinned food. Tinned foods generally contain salt, sugar, calories and undesired fats.

B: Exercise regularly. The most effective way of checking heart disease, which is a prime reason of death among women in America, is regular exercise. Plan your day to have at least thirty minutes of exercise which includes jogging, walking, swimming and dancing.

C: Keep your teeth clean. Good oral and dental health by regular brushing along with flossing keeps the cavities and gum diseases away. Healthy gums and teeth actually help reduce the risk of contracting a heart disease.

D: Quit smoking and don’t allow others to smoke near you. Passive smoking is nearly as harmful as smoking. In America, about 3000 non-smokers die annually due to lung cancer. Alcohol consumption and recreational drugs should be avoided. Pregnant women and women on prescription medication which may interact with alcohol should not drink at all.

E: Manage stress: women being the multi-tasking individuals are constant targets of responsibility and stress. This can surface as high blood pressure, back pain, relationship conflicts, eating disorders and upset stomach. Techniques of relaxation such as meditation, exercise and prayer help manage stress.

F: Risk of Age spots, wrinkles and cancer can be reduced by using a sunscreen having a skin protection factor (SPF) of a minimum of 15. Better still is wearing sunglasses and protective clothing.