While there is more focus on cancer symptoms of women, but men also need to take heed of clues that point to cancer.

Early diagnosis of cancer can make it more receptive to treatment. Experts believe that some cancer symptoms are very specific to men and if the men are alert, they can save themselves from the onslaught.

But what they warn against are vague symptoms which may point to something more serious. So here are few signs of cancer to watch out for:

1. Change in breast mass: it’s not just the women who need to keep track of their breast health. American Cancer Society says that even men can show signs like redness or scaling of the nipples, discharge from nipple, nipple retraction.

2. Generic pain: Every once in a while you are bound to experience pain in some body part or the other. However if you get body ache without explanation for a long period of time, then check with your doctor.

3. Change in testicles: Though not often talked about the cancer of the testicles can affect a man in his 20’s. Any change in size of the testicles is a cause for concern. Doctors suggest regular self-examination. If you feel something hard in your scrotum then go for an overall checkup.

4. Weight loss without explanation: It’s not easy to lose weight. But if a person loses more than 10 percent of his weight in few weeks then it’s time to see the doctor.

5. Change in lymph nodes: If you notice lump or swelling in the lymph nodes under your armpit or in your neck -- or anywhere else -- it could be a reason for concern. If the swollen node persists for more than a month then get a checkup done.

6. Fatigue, fever and abdominal pain: Unexplained fever, sever fatigue, and pain in the abdomen can indicate cancer. Fever can actually signal that the cancer has spread from its original site. It can also mean blood cancer.