Back pain has become quite a common lifestyle ailment, given the amount of time a person spends before the computer or laptop. As more and more of us sit in front of the computer and at our desks for long hours, our spinal posture gets misshapen.

The result is back pain, neck ache, general discomfort, and change in body’s alignment. In some cases the pain can be so acute that you may need surgery, and physiotherapy to be able to resume normal activities. Here are the points why you need to be careful with your back and back pain:

1. Back pain can be a sign of other medical condition. Tumors and kidney problems can cause terrible pain. You need to check with your doctor if pain is around the uterine area.

2. You sit long hours and often sit in a bent position. Your spine can get greatly distressed. You need to do spine stretches every half an hour to keep it straight.

3. If you wear high heels or wrong type of shoes, your spine is in danger of shortening as the gaps between the two discs get smaller. You need to do calf raises to keep it in balance.

4. Even short lived spinal injury can cause back pain later in your age especially after your 50’s.

5. Curvature of your spine due to bad posture may nag you as you hit midlife.

6. Calcium deficiency can lead to thinning of the bones and osteoarthritis, which can lead to back pain.