Diabetes can be a major cause of concern when planning to have a baby. It can lead to kidney complications and you baby can come under the threat of developing juvenile diabetes.

But having diabetes does not mean you cannot have a baby. All you have to do is some pre-planning and seek counseling and medical help. Here’s what you need to do before getting pregnant:

1. Check your weight. Attain an ideal body weight before you try to conceive. This will ensure that you have lower risk of high blood pressure complications during birthing.

2. Check your lifestyle. Smoking and drinking alcohol are two habits that must be stopped in order for you to have a healthy pregnancy and baby. Nicotine can increase the chances of miscarriage, and alcohol can impede the baby’s brain development.

3. Check your blood sugar. This is a must when you are diabetic. Control your blood sugar and reach the normal level to avoid birth defects.

4. Check your insulin intake. If your diabetes is insulin dependent then talk to your doctor to adjust the medication. Also if you take oral medication for diabetes get alternates since certain pills can harm the growing fetus.

5. Check your vitamin intake. Keep your folic acid levels right by taking supplements even before you get pregnant.

6. Check your meals. Careful meal planning and diet control can meet your diabetic needs and leave you feeling energized. Seek the help of a nutritionist to adjust the diet to meet the needs of a baby growing in you.