A recent study reported by the Neurology Journal shows that more men are in the danger of losing their memory as they get older.

In fact more men than women are prone to getting one of the most devastating mental degeneration disorders. In men however the onset of this is a slow process, while women may suddenly show all the symptoms.

However, even if three or more symptoms are noticeable in a person, then it is time to get a full checkup done. Here’s what you need to look out for:

1. Getting repetitive whether with a question or a story. The person will ask the same question again and again, and tell the same story over and over.

2. Forgetting basic tasks like cooking, tying shoelaces, playing cards – things that were done easily earlier.

3. Losing or misplacing things.

4. Getting lost or difficulty in remembering directions

5. Forgetting personal cleanliness, and wearing same clothes, and thinking they have actually done their cleansing routine.

6. Unable to answer questions, or make a decision about things that were handled easily earlier.