As a woman crosses her 40th year, her body starts signaling a decline in her ovarian functions, especially those related to production estrogen production. That means the female body is entering the peri-menopausal phase from which she moves to menopause when her fertility ends, and periods finish off.

The age of 50 is the cut off age when most women menstruate for the last time. It is a big change in a woman’s life and she can face many issues like lack of sleep, hot flashes, mood swing etc. Menopause also increases the risk of osteoporosis.

While one cannot fight the onset of menopause but with some lifestyle adjustments can deal with the physical changes in a better way. Here’s how:

1) If you are in early menopause then hormone replacement therapy is a good option to retain your physical balance. However research shows that it is good only for a shorter period of time and in younger women.

2) Avoid food that can play with your stress levels. Coffee, alcohol, very spicy food can all lead to mood swing and hot flashes.

3) Be comfortable, and wear layered clothing to remain cool. Avoid hot baths and showers. Instead try cool showers before you hit the bed.

4) Take vitamin E and evening primrose oil capsules to control your hot flashes.

5) Improve your calcium intake so that you can fight the risk of osteoporosis.

6) Relax through meditation, and try yoga and some form of exercise to keep fit and fight off extra steam.