Retreating summer is usually the season for infectious diseases. Human body is usually more vulnerable to infections during change of seasons and it could become quite an onerous task in case you have children at home.

More importantly, these infections are so contagious that they keep moving from one to the other person in a family. So, keeping the infection from spreading between family members becomes a bigger challenge. With little care and practice you can ensure that you and your family is safe from catching more infection.

1. Wash your hands as often as possible to keep germs at bay. Inculcate this habit among the kids all the more since they are in the habit of going out and playing. It is a known fact that dirty hands are biggest reason for catching an infection. It’s not the type of soap but how long you wash your hands that matters.

2. Disinfect your house when anyone falls sick at home. Keep the surfaces germ free with a home sanitizer. It can help prevent germs from spreading. Always use disinfectants on surfaces that a sick person has touched like doorknobs, tables, and handrails.

3. Clean the toys especially the stuffed ones as they can collect germs easily. Dirty toys can lead to diarrhea. If anyone in the house is suffering from vomiting and diarrhea then take extra care to disinfect the toilet, floor, and sink in the bathroom.

4. Avoid sharing meals from one plate when someone is sick. Avoid swapping cutlery or glass as they can carry the germ from one to the other.

5. Change the towels often. Wet towels are a great place for the germs to thrive. Avoid sick kids to share the towels amongst them.

6. Think of quarantine when if the infection is severe. Try to reduce the contact as much as possible.