Sleep for young children is a top priority among parents who worry their child may not be getting enough to properly function throughout the day. A survey by bed manufacturer Sleep Number found that 80 and 68 percent of parents reported sleep as a main factor in how well their children performed in school and at extracurricular activities, respectively, according to a press release.

Now worried parents may soon be able to sleep a little easier themselves at night thanks to the SleepIQ Kids bed, a so-called smart bed designed by Sleep Number that helps track sleep patterns in young children at night. It's the only bed in the world able to physcially adjust to changes in kids' development.

Similar to those used by adults, the smart bed for kids can adjust its firmness and tilt or lower its head for reading, help with stuffy noses, or just to ensure overall comfort. Its main function, though, is its “Sleep IQ,” a recording of how well children sleep. The IQ allows parents to track differences in sleeping patterns each night and make adjustments to help improve and maintain high quality sleep control for their kids. The sleep IQ function is based on breathing and heart rate patterns and movement from the child throughout the night.

"The SleepIQ Kids bed turns bedtime into quality time, making it a fun, enjoyable experience," Annie Bloomquist, senior vice president and chief product officer for Sleep Number, said in the press release. "It shows parents and kids how to achieve great sleep habits with smart features that help guide and coach, giving kids a great night’s sleep tonight to be their best tomorrow."

The bed also never needs to be replaced, as it's able to change settings as children grow in height and weight from the time they are 4 to their college years. The device also has a remote night light that parents can switch off from their own rooms and an additional light underneath that manually switches on when the child gets out of bed at night. An alert is also present to tell parents when their child is out of bed, along with a “monster detector” to help relieve children's fears.

SleepIQ Kids Bed was introduced Jan. 6 at the 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show and will be placed on the market later this year. Prices will start around $1,000.