Hush, “The World’s First Smart Earplugs,” allows users to block out any and all noise that may disturb their sleep while it plays calms sounds, such as ocean waves or light rainfall. Created by University of California, San Diego students Daniel "Ewok" Lee, Daniel Synn, and Daniel "Chesong" Lee, the idea arose from their need for a good night's of sleep, which became increasingly harder in a noisy college environment.

“We see Hush as a piece of silence, a small, portable, yet powerful device to enjoy quietness anywhere, anytime,” the Daniels said via their Kickstarter account. “If you want to sleep you should be able to fall asleep and stay asleep regardless of the noise around you. Hush combines sound eliminating foam with noise masking to isolate you from your surrounding environment.”

Hush users can wirelessly connect to their smartphone app which not only provides a range of different soothing sounds, but also an alarm clock to make sure they don’t oversleep. An angled design, curved exterior, memory foam ear mold, and silicone padding make Hush the most comfortable sleep aid money can buy. In a world where one out of every four American couples sleep in different bedrooms due to snoring, Hush could be the perfect answer to sleepless nights.