The age of organic growing and healthy eating has made a great impact on the food industry. More and more consumers are taking a bigger interest in the food that they put into their bodies. A new smartphone app called Niwa can help to foster the needs of fruit and vegetable growers with the touch of a finger.

It allows you to grow plants in a 35-inch-high plant incubator. (It also comes in a 27-inch mini version.) "Just tell the app what you want to grow, and it will load a specific set of preprogrammed settings, making sure your plant has the perfect environment to grow," said Javier Morillas, Niwa CEO and cofounder, Take Part reported.

First, you plant a seed from a hydroponic-based plant such as tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, basil, or strawberries. Then, you program the phone app to the applicable plant. The hardware will adjust the compartment to the perfect temperature, humidity, light, and water cycles. The best part? No soil is needed. The developers have used hydroponic technology to ensure a no-mess growing environment.

The app also allows for feedback, which will allow you to let the device know your observations, such as flowering plants. It will then adjust the settings according to your input, and for more experienced farmers, customizable climate settings are also allowed.

Niwa developers have launched a Kickstart campaign to fund their project. As of today, they have already exceeded their expected goal of 100k. To secure your own Niwa, it'll cost you around $199. The estimated delivery date for each Niwa is May 2015.