The winter has been especially brutal for the entire eastern half of the U.S. this year. And while most people have grown tired of all of it, some are taking advantage of it, using it to craft large-scale messages for patients stuck in hospitals.

Since Monday, patients and medical professionals in two hospitals have seen messages of peace and love — literally — appear in the snow outside of their buildings. At St. Cloud Hospital in Minnesota, Nurse Mary Habiger saw a man and woman stamping out a peace sign and the word “love” with their snowshoes in the snow on the frozen Mississippi River outside of the hospital. It’s not the first time they’ve been there either, and new messages appear every time it snows. Although, no one knows who they are, they’ve been much appreciated. “It’s good to see someone doing something positive for other people… a pretty selfless deed,” Nate Labine, whose newborn son’s hospital room oversaw the messages, told CBS.

Meanwhile, at Chicago’s Rush University Medical Center, Nurse Angela Washek witnessed a group of men running around on the roof of a parking lot outside. Soon enough, their footsteps produced the message “HI MOM, GOD BLESS U” with a smiley face inside the first “O.” The message was intended for Sharon Hart, a leukemia patient at the hospital. It was later discovered that the men had tried to write “GOD BLESS YOU ALL,” but ran out of space. “They wanted to make everyone feel good, and to let everyone else at the hospital know they were thinking of them,” Deb Song, a hospital spokeswoman, told CNN. She said that the message had inspired both patients and doctors. “It reminds us to fight for their families, as well as our patients.”