The pale skin and fair features characteristic of albinism once led Native American cultures to associate them with divine and sacred powers. Today, although we understand the biological reason for albinism, the condition continues to evoke fascination and awe. In her most recent photo series, photographer Angelina d’Auguste featured individuals with this disorder in order to share their rare beauty with the world.

According to d’Auguste, her album was meant to help capture the "distinct, beautiful features of all individuals with albinism," and help those afflicted by the genetic mutation share their journey of self-acceptance with the world, xoNecole reported.

"Most people have never interacted with anyone with albinism," d’Auguste told Refinery29. "Unfortunately, it is difficult for [people with albinism] to fit in society, so I wanted to show their distinct, beautiful features in a positive way."

The album also helped those living with the disorder share their journey of self-acceptance with the world. According to one of d’Auguste’s subjects, "Having albinism ... broke me out of my shell, because I am very shy. It is a big part of who I am, and I wouldn’t trade that for the world."