Students at Atholton High School have raised their voices in favor of healthy living. In a compilation video, the high school seniors found that one-fourth of all students at their high school drink soda every single day. So who is to blame for this unhealthy habit? Food companies, they say.

“Teenagers have been caught in an unhealthy addiction that they are unaware of. Major drink companies attempt to fool you each day using unfair marketing messages claiming that their drinks will make you feel and look good,” said Aren Hartoni, one of the video contributors.

The students blame big companies who they believe, specifically target kids their age. “Walking to your local convenience store or restaurant or coffee shop has become dangerous to your personal health,” the narrator said.

They also point out that this just doesn’t apply to soda; sports drinks, energy drinks, and “healthy” water options are also to blame. Can your everyday student drink these sports drinks without concern? “Well not necessarily,” said Dr. Dennis Woo, a pediatric RN.

“When you are sweating and exercising a lot, you do lose a lot of fluids, energy, potassium, magnesium, sodium — a lot of your electrolytes. Now, if you are sitting on a couch or you are playing video games then no, it can be just as bad as any other sugar drink for you because you are not exerting it; you are not replenishing anything. All you are doing is in-taking a lot of sugar,” Woo added.

The Atholton High School students have three points that they want heard: increased awareness, more choices, and education for kids.

“Or better yet: Just know soda is the new cigarette. Who would of guessed the drinks we savor most are comprised of preset, regret, and flavored lies?” said student Jamal Washington in his poem at the start of the video.