In the aftermath of the disastrous Spain train crash, locals of Santiago de Compostela, Spain line up to donate their blood to aid the innocent victims of Wednesday's tragedy.

Security footage from the train, moments before the crash, indicates that 247 people were aboard when it flew off the tracks at a curve in the railway. The train derailed and hit a barrier wall, ejecting passengers onto the tracks.

According to Reuters, the footage from inside the train indicates that the train was moving at a dangerous 125 miles per hour (mph) — close to three times faster than the speed with which the train ought to have approached the curve. An official source said the speed limit on that particular stretch of track made in 2011 was 50 mph.

Of the people aboard the train, 94 were injured and 35 have been in critical condition since the night of the accident, says the Huffington Post. This is close to half of the passengers on the train who needed medical help as a result of the accident. Locals of Santiago de Compostela, the train's destination, have participated in efforts to help those and their families who have been affected by this accident.

According to Reddit user, Puxa, local residents of the Spanish city were seen on a blood donation line at 2 a.m., waiting to donate their blood to help those injured by the accident.

AFP News interviewed a number of donors on line that night. "I saw on TV that they need blood donors, and I'm O negative. Even if I wasn't I would still have come. You have to cooperate, seeing as there's not much else you can do," one woman noted.

Blood types are of importance when blood transfusions are needed. People can donate blood cells and platelets of whole blood, depending on their blood type.

Type O negative is known as the universal donor, since the red blood cells of this type could be transfused into a person of any blood type. People with type AB positive blood, conversely, can only donate red blood cells to people of the exact same blood type. Similarly, people with type A and type B blood types have limitations on to whom they can donate, and from whom they receive.

However, it is important for people of all blood types to donate when they can, as people with type AB blood are universal platelet donors, meaning they could donate plasma, the pale liquid component of whole blood that holds red blood cells in place, to others regardless of blood type. Everyone has something to contribute.

In this time of hardship, the willingness of the locals to offer help is reassuring. While people from several countries were aboard the train, it is promising to see another country join together to help others, regardless of origins. Reuters even reports that clinics in the city were overwhelmed with people flocking to give blood, while hotels in the city are allowing free rooms for relatives of the injured.