Sparkling water, a refreshing substitute to standard club soda, has gained immense popularity in recent years, thanks to its enticing array of fruity flavors.

This carbonated water contains dissolved carbon dioxide gas. It has become a go-to choice for those seeking an alternative to sugary beverages. And the best part is that one can even prepare this bubbly drink at home.

Are you concerned if switching from soda to sparkling water is just another questionable choice? Well, it seems it doesn't pose the same risks.

In fact, experts say you are making a healthier choice by opting for that switch. According to a recent study published in WebMD, incorporating carbonated water into your hydration routine can unlock a range of health benefits, including supporting weight management and potentially improving digestion.

"I'm here for sparkling water in its simplest form, which is without added sugar or artificial sweeteners, or masquerading as a 'healthy soda,'" Jaclyn London, a nutrition consultant, told Good Housekeeping.

Dr. Yezaz Ghouri, a gastroenterologist affiliated with the University of Missouri Health Care system, said a shared characteristic among all varieties of sparkling water is the infusion of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the water under high pressure. However, their variations are marked by factors like carbonation methods, water sources and notably, the inclusion of additional ingredients.

Here are some of the benefits of sparkling water:

  • It helps manage weight:

According to dietitian Stefani Sassos, it is common for us to confuse thirst with hunger, resulting in unnecessary weight gain. Sparkling water, with its zero-calorie content, can provide sufficient hydration to support proper cellular function and help curb unnecessary eating.

  • It improves digestion:

Sparkling water aids in the smooth movement of food and dietary fiber through the gastrointestinal tract, promoting regular bowel movements and preventing bloating. This can help maintain a healthy bathroom schedule and minimize discomfort.

  • It may support heart health:

Carbonated water promotes optimal hydration, regulating body temperature, moisturizing the mouth, nose and eyes, supporting joint and muscle function, maintaining healthy skin elasticity and enhancing heart health by increasing blood volume.

  • It energizes the body:

"Regularly under-consuming water can create wear-and-tear on your organs and muscles over time, which may make you feel more lethargic and also compromise immunity," London explained.

There is common speculation that drinking sparkling water takes a toll on dental health. The American Dental Association said carbonated water is generally considered safe for teeth. It is a better alternative to sugary beverages like soda. However, citrus-flavored carbonated waters may have slightly higher acid levels, potentially increasing enamel damage.

Carbonated water
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