On the quest to find our own fountain of youth, many of us have splurged on facial creams, treatments, or have gone under the knife to do some nip and tuck. From Kim Kardashian’s vampire facials to Lena Dunham’s cupping, it seems celebrities have also had their fair share of weird beauty treatments. But a 67-year-old grandmother’s anti-aging secret trumps all of our unusual desperate attempts. Stella Ralfini, who describes herself as an author, life coach, couples counselor, and tantric guide, claims her anti-aging secret is worth thousands and thousands, but it’s free: sperm facials.

Stella Ralfini reveals sperm facials are anti-aging secret
Stella Ralfini walks into the living room to give video tutorial on sperm facials. Stella Ralfini/YouTube.com

"All you need is a lover," Ralfini says in her YouTube video, and she advises to indulge in the practice every 10 days. Come again? Yes, Ralfini from London, credits her rosy cheek appearance to regular semen facials she puts on at the end of every lovemaking session with her husband. The grandmother scoops up her husband’s semen with her fingers and puts it on her face, leaving it on for 15 minutes and then washing it off.

Stella Ralfini reveal sperm facials are anti-aging secret
Stella Ralfini shares semen gives her skin elasticity. Stella Ralfini/YouTube.com

British Stella got her groove back after she met a “beautiful woman” in India 30 years ago while on a trip studying tantra — a lovemaking method. When Ralfini asked the woman what her secret was, she replied she used a face mask made from her husband’s sperm. On her website, Ralfini wrote, “Her skin was so silky smooth and line free, I had to know her secret. ... Apparently this beauty tip had been passed down through generations of her family and always been thought of as nothing out of the ordinary.”

Stella Ralfini reveals sperm facials are anti-aging secret
Stella Ralfini comments within months people said her skin looked amazingly radiant. Stella Ralfini/YouTube.com

Does this bizarre beauty treatment hold any truth? In theory, if semen is applied to the skin, the proteolytic enzymes — designed to break down proteins — could help break down the uneven and thickened dead layer of older, sun-damaged skin, Dr. Oscar Hevia, cosmetic dermatologist, told Hollywood Life. “This could make the skin feel smoother,” he said. However, semen is not practical as a mask application because the body fluid will not remain consistent outside the body, so it may be tricky to work with.

Is this the price of beauty? You decide.